Shaheen Steel Manufacturing Process

Shaheen steel manufacturing Company has installed an advanced Steel Manufacturing equipment which includes a steel melting furnace and a fully automated Italian Standard Steel Re-rolling mill.

The manufacturing infrastructure of the Company comprises the following:


Manufacturing Technology

Shaheen Steel Industries Quetta has installed advanced, fully Automatic steel melting Furnace (DIFOC) PLC based technology and 3-strand CCMs (continuous casting machines ) and a fully automated Italian Standard Steel Re-rolling mill. From the production of liquid steel made from raw and recycled materials to high-value precision engineered steel rebar. In addition, the procedure reduces contaminants and waste, enhancing the efficiency of production resources. Furthermore, the ability of the Company to produce multiple Sizes products (Deformed bar) from the same manufacturing plant supports the Company’s sustainable product diversification. The Continuous Casting Machine’s revolutionary technology enables Shaheen Steel Industries Quetta to charge billets directly into the automatic rolling mill, bypassing the energy-intensive requirement of further reheating the billets in an additional furnace. In this manner, the high-speed straight automatic rolling mill enables the Company to produce a wide range of high-quality Grade 60 Steel Bar products.

Production Process


Raw Material​

Steel mills Melting unit receives Raw material in form of Shredded and HMS 1&2 for Melting in Melting Furnace. Melting Furnace process these raw material at 1650 °C and form a Molten Steel which undergoes a several testing process for grading and producing a good Quality Steel.​



The Molten Steel that being produced by Steel Melting Furnace is being Transferred to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) for Production of Steel Billets of Different sizes.



The steel Billets that being processed in CCM directly feeding to Rolling Mill at 1150 °C which is then hot rolled through a series of rollers to reduce its thickness and create the desired shape of Steel Bars.


Thermal Mechanical Treatment

At the final phase the steel bar is passed through Thermal Mechanical System to improve its strength and durability.


Bundling and Storage

The finished steel Bar is transferred to Bundling and Storage area, where Automatic Bundling and Counting Machines Automatically weight Steel Bars bundle and tag each bundle for storage and dispatch.

Air Treatment Plant

Shaheen Steel Believes in Green Pakistan and have ensure all possible measures to protect environment from industrial pollution and has installed Highly Tech pollution control equipment System that are soundly designed to capture and remove dust, fumes, and other particulates from the air that is generated by steel mill processes. The dust and other pollutants are typically collected and then disposed of in a safe and regulated manner. The air treatment plant also helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Additionally, the plant helps to reduce the amount of noise pollution generated by the steel mill. The equipment installed in the Fumes Treatment Plant (FTP) is 60% locally built, strengthening the capability of local vendors and enhancing the environmental profile that can be exemplary for other steel manufacturing companies.

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